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The depth of connection is what I am interested in. No matter if in body work and speaking with clients of Listening Hands Therapy, in the women’s group of Wise Woman Within You or with couples in Listening Heart Connection it is the heart felt connection of body, mind and spirit which supports, enhances and guides the processes. When we can let go of intellectual concepts, come from a space of non-judgement and compassion for another-true healing is possible on levels we perhaps didn’t even consider possible. From a space of “not knowing” all is possible.

Does this sound insane? Perhaps, but this is another aspect of open awareness to many possibilities.

When a client comes in for body work we discuss their body concerns; areas of pain or discomfort or tension. While on the table I consider what they have told me but I “listen”   through my felt sense awareness of my hands what the body is showing me. Strains of tension may show up in other parts of the body than where the “concern” is. Paying attention to what I feel allow me to follow clues and encourage release elsewhere. This is I feel a connection deeper than what words can say.

In Wise Woman Within You we use practices of meditation, visualization, self-inquiry, and journaling to connect to ourselves in a deeper way.

Through this process, we are expanding our awareness of who we think we are and how we operate in life. We discover an inner wisdom that comes thru to our consciousness, easing self-doubt, strengthening our connection to ourselves in a more loving and kinder way. This learning allows us to be our own “best friend”; giving love to our self instead of awaiting its arrival from the outside.

So how did this all begin? It comes from a life of disappointment, heartache, celebration, and joy-a full life of nearly 60 years as a woman, mother, partner, friend, and therapist. This includes countless hours of personal growth and personal inquiry as I met life in all dimensions of space and time and location.

My quest as a “helper” is to support people of all ages in their journey for peace in mind and body… to stress less, love more-especially themselves. Woman-woman support has been a pillar of my existence for the last 28 years and I love to give back!

So join me for a body work session, a workshop, or just a phone call to see if I can support you on your journey in finding connection to yourself.

Relax and unwind the body and mind with effective awareness and touch. Offered as training in workshops or for you as a private client.

Guided support for women to find their own Golden wisdom within themselves through self-reflection, meditation, visualisation, journaling and nature. Offered for groups or in 1-1 sessions.

A Day for couples to explore massage and their heart’s own love language. Offered for a group of couples or individually in your home.

What others say about me

Massage with Joan is so much more. As I always say that the power of touch is a most amazing thing. After having a 2 hour session with her the other day, I felt the most relaxed that I had been in months. Her Listening Hands took my body through a few emotions that I had suppressed for a long while. I felt safe and nurtured in a wonderful environment. Thank you Joan. The world is a better place for having you in it. Blessings. I will be back!

Private Treatment

I am inspired to work both with others and my body in a more sensitive and tuned in way. I was inspired by your presence and authentic teaching. It was a lovely relaxed, non-judgemental heart experience. I am inspired to listen to my own body and others. I have more trust growing in following my inner promptings.

Listening Hands Therapy

You are a true pioneer of the art of living a true open loving heart and wisdom to guide self and others towards light.

Wise Woman Within You

I feel more connected with my partner – my heart feels open and grateful.

Listening Heart Connection

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